State of mind
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State of mind
20th Sep 2010, 10:30 AM
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Author Notes:
Cheery Comic Time!

Nah, but seriously.
Today wasn't good. Just one of those days where you wished you just stayed in bed all day, instead of coming home just to cry in it all night.
Well, not ALL night. Its only 6pm and this comic made me feel better.

Yes. Drawing me with a bullet in my skull made me feel better.
Is there something WRONG with that?

See ya later guys.
Hopefully with a real freakin comic next time...
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User comments:
You make suicide look sexy... Whoa, I think I'm having an Emo Moment!
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AnKni (Guest)
I love how you blew your brains out on oneside of your face, but your glasses cracked on the other. Its like "Leia blew her brains out; all encompassing Earth shattering"

You're hillarious.

Keep at it!
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